Black Angus Bulls for Sale in Oklahoma

Welcome to Christensen Angus Ranch! We’re proud to offer registered Black Angus bulls right here in Oklahoma.


We’re located northwest of Oklahoma City and have run a family ranch here for decades. We love that our kids can grow up learning to work hard and around agriculture.

We have Black Angus bulls for sale in Oklahoma, more specifically, near Okarche and Piedmont Oklahoma. We’ve been in the cattle business a long time, and understand the need for genetically superior breeding stock. We’re very particular with the animals we keep and breed, and especially those that we sell, so that breeders around the country will have a great experience with Christensen Angus Ranch.

We have a full sale book that you can take a look at from 2018, which contain Bulls like this one.

We’re excited to see you at our next sale. Please leave a comment, contact us, or visit our facebook page to learn more.

Why Black Angus?

The Black Angus breed of cattle originated, like many others, in Europe – Scotland, in particular. They were brought to the United States in 1873, and have risen in popularity ever since. They are a polled breed, meaning they don’t have horns. Back then both Black Angus and Red Angus were considered the same breed, but they made a distinction between the two shortly afterward in 1917.

As ranchers noticed more and more good qualities come out in Black Angus cattle, the breed gained steam. It wasn’t really until the past 30 years or so that they became such a dominant breed in the United States. Now, you practically can’t throw a rock and not hit a Black Angus bull. One of their main benefits is their low birth weights. The mother cows aren’t so burdened with births, and the calves tend to grow quickly and have a decent weaning weight. They are hardy animals and can endure cold winters with relative ease.

There are lots of good beef out there from various breeds, but we want to be the best, and right now, Angus Cattle are a hot commodity and we want to continue that tradition.

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Black Angus Bulls for Sale in Oklahoma