Mark your calendars!

It’s about time for the Christensen Angus Ranch annual sale. On MARCH 9th, 2018 we will have over 400 head sell this year!

  • 90 Registered Angus Bulls – Fertility Checked and Ready for Heavy Service
  • 25 Two-Year-Olds & 65 18-20-Month-Old Bulls
  • 300+ Females – Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred and Open Heifers
  • 30 Two-to Three-Year-Old Registered Angus Cow/Calf Pairs
  • 70 Yearling Registered Open Heifers – Open and Ready to Breed
  • 50 Ranch-Raised Commercial Angus-Based Yearling Heifers -Open and Ready to Breed
  • 150 Commercial Heavy-Bred Heifers – Due to Low Birth Weight Christensen bulls



22791 E 870 Road

Okarche, Oklahoma 73762

  • Bulls
  • Heifers
  • Pairs

Here are a few highlights from the Christensen Angus Ranch Sale book.

Click here to view the downloadable PDF.

Please contact us for questions and see you there!